Let's give everyone the right information to create a stable Korea", We created a homepage based on the value (some of the advertising revenue from that page will be donated).
Developer Comment "Relaxes Worries in Your Daily Life."
Our site started on February 3rd, and from the time when the qualitative data/official agency data was not organized, we started to provide services that organize/process various information, and have recently become an issue through various news.

The comment of the developer " I'm working untill everyone has no concern of the virus"
The money earned by the banner advertising is planned to be used buying KF94 masks and be donated to the local government for the people who didn't earn masks. Because the platform we created is a developer's idea to have a good influence on more people, it might be inconvenient to expose ads on some pages. We would appreciate it if our viewers could think of it as a valuable thing to make a "Day with no concern" for more people and understand it. Thank you

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